Dinosaurs and canaries

Went for my morning run this morning.  (Well, more of a gentle jog, given that it was Sunday morning and last night was spent with large helpings of curry and wine.)  Passed the speed camera, which is still picking up pedestrians as well as road vehicles.  I keep hoping it won’t notice me.

Apparently, T-Rex could run at 15 mph. I learned this while watching James May’s Things You Need to Know last week (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01m2svc).  That kind of puts me in the shade as far as running against the speed camera – although I did register 5-7 mph, which was, all things considered, something of a surprise.

Anyway, while jogging along this morning, I kept passing what seemed to be strategically placed scatterings of sweetcorn.  I thought the first one was an accident, maybe someone had dropped their groceries on their way back from the shops.  But when I passed the fifth or sixth pile, I began to think someone was laying a trail.  For what, though?  Has someone got a giant canary in training?  If they have, I’d love to know what he registers on the camera.

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