SFWA link – self-publishing

Check out this link on the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) if you are interested in self-publishing.  Lots of useful tips and further links on the options and pitfalls of print on demand (POD) and e-publishing:  http://www.sfwa.org/for-authors/writer-beware/pod/#Electronic – relevant across all genres, not just SF writers.  Lots of it is probably familiar to those of you already well on the path of self-publishing, but there are some helpful reminders there, eg ‘have a plan’.  OK, a lot of it isn’t rocket science, even though this is the SFWA site (geddit?), but it’s good to have someone tell you the obvious sometimes…


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I'm from Cumbria originally and McKeating is my maiden name. Despite being happily married, I kind of like the idea of being published in my 'own' name. I enjoy reading a wide range of things, anything from Stephen King to the Brontes, with maybe a bit of Sarah Waters and P. D. James in between. Basically anything that is well written and can take you out of yourself for a little while. Most of all, I like a good story. I write because I enjoy it and if it other people enjoy reading, that's a bonus. I've been lucky enought to get a place on Literature Wales' mentoring programme for writers. As part of that, I'm fine-tuning a novel, with the guidance of an establshed writer. It's a darkly comic crime thriller, which may one day be in a bookshop near you. I also like gardening and running, both of which are great for switching off from everyday life. Oh, and tiramisu, which helps to balance out the running. Or vice versa. So that's me. Writing, running and tiramisu. Just not all at once.